Item #API 4130 G L, API Plug-In Transmitters & Isolators

  • Easy-to-install Plug-in Modules
  • Wide Choice of Inputs: Volts AC/DC, Amps AC/DC, Process V/mA, Strain, Thermocouple, RTD, Potentiometer
  • Variable Brightness I/O Status LEDs
  • 2000V Isolation (1200V on LPT-1,-2)
  • Lifetime Warranty

UL Recognized

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Selectable Range
Input Range
Thermocouple ºC or ºF temperature (specify type J K T E R or S & ºC or ºF range)
Output Range
0-1VDC to 0-10VDC±1VDC to ±10VDC0-1mADC to 0-20mADC
115 VAC