Item #AM-30R2, AM-Series 1/16 DIN (96 x 24 mm) Short-Depth Bargraphs - Texmate

5 VDC powered LED Bargraph with Optional Single or Dual Setpoints. 30 segment standard red or optional green or amber LED display.

The AM-30 is a 31-segment 5VDC powered red, green, or amber LED bargraph in a compact DIN case (96x24mm) with a short depth (56.5mm/2.23″). It can be ordered in either a horizontal or vertical format. Single or dual setpoints are available as options. The setpoints are easily adjustable by the user from the front of the meter.

Short-Depth Bargraphs Specs

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6 DC Ranges + Selectable Process 4 to 20 mA w/Two 2A/120 VAC Relays