Item #AD/MVA514-P2, Adtech Field Selectable Alarms - 500 Series

The ADTECH 500 series provides a full-featured alarm module in a compact, easy to wire, DIN case. All modules come with one or two fully adjustable setpoints. Other standard features include adjustable Deadband, adjustable time delay, latching action and LED indication of alarm status. Alarms can be configured for both fail-safe and non-fail safe conditions.

Available alarm modules can accept inputs from AC Voltage, AC Current, DC voltage, DC Current, Millivolt, RTD and Thermocouple sources. Standard power supply is a universal AC input supply that can accept 100-240 VAC. Optional 24VDC power is also available. Units are isolated input to output to power. Standard units are built to a work in most industrial environments. For unusually harsh electrical areas, modules can be ordered with additional transient and noise immunity circuitry.

The standard housing is made of corrosion-resistant Krilen Plastic and is designed for DIN rail mounting. Units can also be ordered in NEMA 4 or NEMA 7 enclosures. The electrical connection is by a very reliable screw compression terminal.

  • Single or Dual Setpoint
  • Universal Relay Action – Normal or Fail-Safe, High or Lo Limit
  • 0- 30 Second Adjustable Time Delay
  • Latching Action
  • LED Indication of Alarm Status
  • Potentiometer Setpoint Adjustment
Adtech 500 Specs

Options:  Add suffix to part number
-H26 for Surface Mounting Plate
-H27 for NEMA 4 Housing
-H15D2 for NEMA 7 housing

Catalog Page 84a                   500 Series-DataSheet

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