Item #AD/FDT350, Adtech Three-Wire Field Selectable Transmitters - 300 Series

The ADTECH 300 Series Three-Wire Transmitters provide mounting efficiency and ease of wiring in a compact DIN package. Their small size makes them ideal replacements for the typical powered transmitter.

The units convert most sensor inputs to industry standard 4-20 mA, 1-5 VDC, 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC output for interface directly with PLC’s, DCS’s and process computers.

The compact DIN mounting style allows high-density mounting in new or existing control panel enclosures or field mounted. Standard mounting is DIN Rail. Surface or snap track mounting is provided at no charge. NEMA 4 or 7 are optionally available. These units are designed for industrial environments.

The housing is made of rugged Krilen for protection against corrosion, moisture and dust. Screw compression terminals are provided for positive field connections. Reverse polarity protection is supplied as standard. The power range of 15 to 42 VDC; 28 mA typical provides valuable added drive capability.

The input/output can be factory set to order or reconfigured in the field by simply adjusting switches, multi-turn potentiometers, and plug-in jumpers. Integral LCD field indicator (LPI 40D) is optional.  DIN, surface, snap track or NEMA mountings are available.

AC to DC or DC to DC instrument power supplies are available separately. The IPS 2402 AC/DC powers up to 2 units. The IPS 2416 AC/DC or DC/DC powers up to 12 units.

Adtech 300 Data Sheet

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Frequency Input (Isolated)