Item #AB/RS-3 PRO, CAT IV Analog Clamp Meters - Amprobe

These CAT IV 600V safety rated analog clamp meters are a great tool for tough electrical applications. The RS-3 PRO and RS-1007 PRO work well in extreme temperatures of 5°F to 122°F, while digital clamp LCD screens tend to freeze, this analog clamp measures up to the test. These clamp meters do not require batteries for measuring Amps and Volts.

  • Measure to 1000A & 600V AC
  • Resistance & Continuity
  • Pointer Lock for Data Hold
  • Operates Down to 5° F
  • No Batteries Needed for Volts & Amps
  • CE Approved
Analog Clamp Meters Specs

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CAT IV 600A Analog Clamp Meter
AC Amp Ranges
6 / 15 / 40 / 100 / 600
Jaw Opening
1.64" (41mm)
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