Item #758-9912002, ATC Westcon Tach Generators

AC / DC Model 750 and 758 series tachometers from the WESTCON line are highly rugged and built to convert rotary speed into a linear output voltage. Tachometers are used widely for aviation, marine, mining, oil and gas production plus other demanding velocity measurement and other motion control-related applications.

  • Dustproof, Corrosion-Resistant aluminum alloy housing
  • 15,000 Hour Running Time
  • Linear voltage output based on RPM
  • Watertight Housings (Optional)
  • Explosion-Proof—UL Listed (Type E)

The Model 750 DC Tachometer-Generator embodies a permanent magnet field surrounding a rotating armature. The commutator segments are made from a special non-corrosive alloy that has an exceptionally long life. The brushes are of a self-lubricating material and are carried in a self-aligning holder which equalizes the pressure of both brushes. The armature shaft rotates on ball bearings that under normal operation do not need lubrication for 15,000 hours running time or approximately 3 years, whichever comes first. The maximum recommended speed is 5,000 rpm. Brush life is greatest at the lower speeds.

  • Approximate torque: 3.0 oz.-in. starting, 4.0 oz.-in. running (1000 RPM).
  • Chiefly used on diesel and gas engines where a standard S.A.E. screw-type tachometer outlet is available
  • S.A.E. 7/8″ screw-type steel mounting with 3/16″ drive dog.

The 758 Series of tachometers are used in low maintenance application requirements. The 758 model embodies a stator surrounding a rotating AlNICO permanent magnet. The output of the generator for voltage responsive systems is temperature compensated and is proportional to the speed. The ball bearings need not be lubricated under normal operation for 15,000 hours running time or approximately three years, whichever comes first. The maximum recommended speed is 5,000 rpm, but may be used up to 10,000 RPMs under special conditions.

These AC Tachometer generators are highly rugged, explosion-proof devices that can effectively support the demanding predictive maintenance requirements of aerospace, oil and gas drilling, industrial mud pumps, and waste and wastewater pumps and systems, with complete and efficient 24/7 rotational speed monitoring.

Model 750: 6 VDC per 1000 RPM (5000 RPM max)
Model 758: 10 VAC per 1000
Frequency Responsive Speed Ranges
F86 Series: 500 RPM-20,000 RPM
F44 Series: 500 RPM-40,000 RPM
F25: 40,000 RPM-100,000 RPM

Tach Generators

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Bearingless AC Generators
10 VAC per 1000
Count Speed
500 - 20000 RPM