Item #655-8-3000, Direct Replacement for Electro-Mechanical Timers - ATC

The 655 Series timer from Automatic Timing and Controls is an electronic control that will retrofit most round case electro-mechanical timers. the control performs the same timing modes (ON-Delay or Reverse Start Delay) as electromechanical units, and it is capable of timing ranges from 1 millisecond to 199 hours, 59 minutes. On the bottom inside of the control are DIP switches which can be set, in seconds, to establish the timing mode and time range.

Our unit will plug into competitive mounted cases without wiring changes in most instances. Remove the electromechanical timer, set ours, plug it into the electromechanical timer case and you’re ready to run. DIP switch setting instructions for electromechanical timers are supplied with 655 installation instructions.

  • Replaces Round Case Eagle Timers
  • Two Timing Modes – On Delay or Reverse Start Delay
  • Five Timing Ranges – 1ms to 199 hrs
  • Data Retention with EEPROM Memory or Battery Backup
  • Simple Keypad Time Setting
  • DIP Switches for Mode & Range Setting
  • Sealed Faceplate
  • Keypad Lockout of Time Setting
  • Instantaneous Contact Directly Tracks Control Input
  • CRU Approved

The 655 plugs directly into the mounting case of many older timers, without wiring changes.

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Item Name
Timer 120VAC w/Battery Memory
120 VAC, +10%, -20%, 50/60 Hz