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The FLIR E8 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera incorporates all the great features of the new Ex-series thermal cameras, then takes them one giant leap further: the FLIR E8 is a 320 x 240 camera. Already renowned for their 320 x 240 cameras, FLIR now offers a full featured point and shoot thermal camera for literally thousands less than anyone else.

The FLIR E8 is a mind-bogglingly attractive combination of the simple and the complex. The housing is a tough yet sleek black rubberized finish. The E8 is focus free for simple and quick one handed scanning. It goes from sleep mode to capturing an image in just a few seconds. Yet it also has one of the most high-tech detectors in the industry, with 76,800 pixels and an excellent 0.06 °C thermal sensitivity. These are levels of resolution and sensitivity that professionals rely on to make the most of their infrared investment. With four times the resolution of many thermal cameras, the FLIR E8 has the hardware to help you see what you need to see.

The FLIR E8 thermal camera has a built-in 3.1 megapixel visible light camera that captures a digital photo every time the infrared camera captures a thermal image. These are stored together for easy reporting later. Additionally, the E8 incorporates MSX Thermal Image Enhancement, which combines the digital and thermal images into one feature rich image without any of the data loss usually associated with thermal fusion. Picture In Picture presentation is yet another viewing setting in the E8. FLIR has also recently added the ability to manually set the level and span for the E8. This allows the user to optimize the temperature range for the desired target, making it easier to see subtle temperature differences.

To keep you working longer without any down time, the FLIR E8 includes two rechargeable batteries and an external battery charger. Flir Tools analysis and reporting software is provided for both PC and Apple/Mac platforms. A full selection of accessories is available, from the familiar FLIR padded carrying pouch, to extra batteries, to a 12V car charger.

• Simultaneous storage of IR/Visual/MSX images
• 2% accuracy
• Large 3″ color LCD
• 640 x 480 camera
• File format: radiometric jpg
• Spot measurement mode
• Easy to use, weighs only 1.2 lbs.
• Swappable battery, 4 hour life
• 76,800 pixels (320 x 240)
• <0.06°C thermal sensitivity
• Picture in Picture image
• Centerspot & Area Box Measurement modes
• Auto hot/cold detection with min/max markers

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FLIR E8 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera (320x240)