Item #606-251, Weatherproof Split Core Transformers, Window 2.7" x 2.75" - Model 606 - GE ITI

GE ITI Model: 606 Weatherproof Split Core AC Current Transformers; This transformer is designed for assembly to an existing electrical installation without the need for dismantling the primary bus or cables. Available from 200A to 1200A primary and 5A secondary. Window Size: 2.7″ x 2.75″. It is suitable for use in wet location environments.

  • 50-400 Hz.
  • 0.6 kV, BIL 10 kV FW
  • CSA & UR Approved
  • Weatherproof

Secondary Cable: #16 AWG, 6ft

GE ITI Model Specs

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Current Ratio
Burden (VA)
Accuracy at 60 Hz