Item #291B293A28, Weschler Motor Load Analog Panel Meters

Weschler Conventional Types 351 and 371 and 20/20 Types G-332, G-352 and G-372 meet all performance requirements of ANSI C39.1-1981 for round and rectangular panel instruments. They employ conventional Taut Band mechanisms enclosed in black fluted cases or clear Lexan plastic windows designed to match the appearance of Westinghouse switchboard instruments and other devices used on traditionally styled control panels.


High Torque To Weight Ratio: Insures rapid, accurate readings with high damping and minimum frictional effect. Easy To Read Scales: Linear on dc. Virtually linear above 10% of full scale on ac. Self Shielding: DC types are magnetically shielded and calibration is unaffected regardless of material or thickness of mounting panel.

  • AC & DC Panel Instruments
  • Westinghouse Designs
  • Rectangular & Circular Styles
  • 2½”, 3½” & 4½” Sizes

2% Accuracy
Legend “Percent Motor Load”
Type A has red zone 100-150%
Type B has green zone 0-100%, Yellow zone 100-125% and red zone 125-150%

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AC Motor Load Indicator
Standard Scale
0-150 Percent Motor Load (Type B scale)
Case Size
4-1/2" Round
Green Zone 0-100%, Yellow zone 100-125%, Red zone 125-150%