Item #256-TWKU-QQFA-C6, Tyco Crompton Paladin AC Power Transducers

A wide range of transducers to measure all forms of power, in single or 3 phase balanced or unbalanced, 3 or 4 wire systems. These Transducers utilize the well-proven ‘time division multiplication’ method of measuring instantaneous power over a wide range of input waveforms.

In the self-powered version, the system voltage provides both power supply and input to the voltage modulation circuit of an oscillator. Square wave pulses from a multi-vibrator circuit with a mark-space ratio varied by the measured voltage, and amplitude varied by the measured current, are fed to an integrator and an output amplifier circuit. The D.C. milliamp signal produced is therefore directly proportional to the power input. All inputs are isolated by the use of transformers. For large voltage, variations use the auxiliary powered versions. Self-powered units permit voltage variations up to +20% of the nominal input. Measures both import and export power.

  • Wide Range of Transducers to Measure All Forms of Power
  • Available in Single-Phase, 3-Phase 3- or 4-Wire
  • Self Powered Units Permit Voltage Variations Up to 20% of Nominal Input
  • Measures both Import and Export Power
  • Accuracy Class 0.5
AC Power Transducer Specs

Catalog Page 101                       Crompton-Paladin-Datasheet

Specify CT ratio, PT ratio and full scale W/VA/VAR when ordering.

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AC Watts (Active Power)
1 Ph, 2 Wire
1 Element
0-1 mADC