Item #21679, Simpson Rugged Seal Analog Meter Relays - 3300 Series

The Simpson Analog Meter Relay 3300 Series panel meters offer a wide variety of applications in control, alarm and limit use. Photoconductor sensing eliminates all interference with the indicating Meter. These relays incorporate an amplifier input which drives a rugged high torque pivot and jewel or taut-band Meter. Metal cased construction withstands rigorous environmental conditions. The metal cover with a drawn steel rear case gives complete magnetic isolations. In addition, each Meter is moisture, dust, and dirt proof and recommended for use in wash down areas.

  • 3½” Models 3323AIXA (DC), 3343AIXA (AC)
  • 4½” Models 3324AIXA (DC), 3344AIXA (AC)
  • Rugged Seal: Commercially Sealed Moisture and Dust Proof
  • Single and Dual Set Points
  • Calibration not Affected by Steel Panel Mounting
  • Rugged Metal Case for Rigorous Environments
  • Wide Variety of Control, Alarm and Limit Use
  • Relays Can Be Set for Manual or Automatic Reset

Analog meter relay 3300 Series specs
Catalog Page 076                            Simpson-3300-Datasheet

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