Item #1013-357, Solar Clampmeter - Megger DCM1500S

Measuring up to 2000 V DC and 1500 V AC (using the PVHV Leads), as well as 1500A AC or DC, the DCM1500S Solar Clamp Meter is ideal for use in the installation, maintenance, monitoring and testing of photovoltaic systems as well standard AC or DC electrical equipment.

The meter is supplied with both standard 4mm leads as well as the new PVHV1 (4mm) and PVHV2 (MC4PV) HV lead sets. It has a large clear backlit display and an automatic torch in the jaw to assist use in poorly lit areas. Jaw opening is 42mm. Using the free Megger Link App, the measurement value can be remotely monitored on a smart device using the built-in Bluetooth®. This will give a live trend graph and offer the ability to sample and log the values for later analysis. The smart data-hold expands the standard hold function by giving the operator an audible warning if the “held” reading increases by 50 counts or above. Min/Max hold provides the ability to measure the maximum and minimum values over a period of time, with each value selectable in turn.

In addition to voltage and current measurement the DCM1500S measures Resistance, Diodes, Capacitance, Temperature and Frequency. Other features include a high frequency rejection filter, inrush current measurement, internal data logging, a non-contact volt seek mode and manual DC Amp zeroing.

2000 V DC; TRMS 1500 V AC
1500 A AC/DC
Smart Hold
Auto ranging
Inrush Current
Megger Link app compatible
CAT IV 600V / CAT III 1000V
1000 record data logger
PV test leads with MC4PV plugs

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DCM1500S Solar Clamp Meter