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Crompton power factor meters are used to measure the power factor of an AC electrical system defined as the ratio of the real power flowing to the load, to the apparent power in the circuit between Phase B to A and Phase B to C. Power factor meters measures the load of an electrical system whether linear or non-linear which is considered Lag or Lead of the the AC electrical system.

Crompton Switchboard Meters offers two case types; models 007 and 078

  • Model 007 is a one piece flame retardant polycarbonate moulding with a black matte finished bezel area, and a specially contoured window to minimize reflection from adjacent light sources.
  • Model 078 is high shock hermetically sealed and all models have heavy gauge pressed steel cases.They have a die-cast bezel and a projecting moulded toughened glass window, which incorporates a gas tight zero adjuster.


  • 250° Linear Scale
  • AC Instruments with True RMS Circuit
  • Rugged Pivot  & Jewel Movement
  • IP54 Front
AC Power Factor Meters Specs

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Balanced Load
Phase / Wire
1 / 2
Amp / Volt
5 / 120
4 1/2 Square Flange Hi-Shock Case