Item #077-12PA-P3C6, AC Phase Sequence Indicators (Switchboard) - Crompton

Crompton Manufactured, AC Phase Sequence and Phase Failure Indicator meter is used for detecting the sequence of the supply in three-phase electric circuits. Electrical work on commercial and industrial installations often requires working on motorized machinery with three phase supplies. Correct sequence of the phases is important with certain motors and pumps as damage to brakes and valves will occur in minutes with incorrect phasing.

Two neon bulbs for phase sequence indication – first marked the caption “correct 1-2-3”, the second marked “incorrect 3-2-1”. Three neon bulbs for phase failure indication – first marked 1, second marked 2, third marked 3.

  • Three Ranges to choose from: 100-150V, 151-300V and 301-500V
  • Neon Bulb Type
  • Burden 2.5VA
  • IP54 Front
  • c-UL-us Certification

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