Yokogawa Exits Panel Meter Business

Yokogawa has exited the panel meter business and stopped production at both their China and US manufacturing facilities. They were the leading supplier of panel meters to North American customers and their exit is expected to cause disruptions for both OEM and MRO users.

Weschler Instruments purchased a large stock of Yokogawa analog meters to continue to supply customer needs through the end of the year. Our inventory includes the popular AB40 and DB40 switchboard meters as well as the Big Look, Stylist and Horizon panel meters. Our Meter Modification Center can configure any of these meters to your requirements.

Weschler purchased two product lines from Yokogawa and will manufacture these models at our Cleveland OH headquarters. Continued availability is assured for the Type 240 Elapsed Time Meters and the Power Series Plus digital meters.

During the transition period and when current inventory is exhausted, our Meter Specialists will help customers select replacements or substitutes from the other meter lines we carry.