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Megger High-Pot Testers


Production Line High-Pot Testers: BIDDLE® High-Pot Testers are designed for ease of operation and readily adapt to development, maintenance or production testing. These instruments are supplied with 4-ft removable probes. Available in one AC/DC and two AC models; the AC units feature a front-panel, NEMA-5-15R three-prong output receptacle.

The BIDDLE high-pot testers are packed with features for safety and convenience, including:

  • Ground continuity check of 3-wire devices with high voltage interlock
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Leakage current adjustable on front-panel from 0.3 to 12.3 mA
  • One-second or continuous testing
  • Automatic failure shutdown
  • Recessed high-voltage connections
High-Pot Testers Specs High-Pot Testers Specs

Catalog Page 162                        AC_HIGHPOT-Datasheet

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Item # Model Applied Test Voltage Adjustable Leakage Current Trip Level
ME/230425AC/DC0–4 kV ac 0–5 kV dcAC: 0.3 to 12 mA DC: 0.43 to 17 mA
ME/230415AC0–4 kV ac0.3 to 12 mA
ME/230315AC0–3 kV ac0.3 to 12 mA
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