Edgewise Series Analog Panel Meters – LFE


The LFE Edgewise panel instruments have been designed to satisfy the demand for an attractive and accurate analog display in a minimum of panel space. Models Include 1015 (1½”), 1025 (2½”), 1035 (3½”), 371 (3½”)

The 1000 series case is a clear front window and black case,  molded from high impact polycarbonate. The unique flat movement provides 2% accuracy with either vertical or horizontal mounting. The Models 1015 and 1025 have rear zero adjustment while the Model 1035 features a unique front adjustment. Panel mounting has been simplified in the 1000 Series. Two mounting clips are attached without screws to the meter case after it has been inserted through its panel cutout. The clips are then tightened against the panel.

The Model 371 was designed for applications where panel space is limited. The Model 371can be mounted either horizontally or vertically . . . it is also stackable. Two or more units can be mounted side-by-side with no panel space between the dials, allowing for easy comparison of several variables. The Model 371 panel meters have a shielded meter mechanism which allows them to be mounted on either magnetic or non-magnetic panels.


  • Stackable mounting
  • Tough, high temperature polycarbonate case
  • Optional illuminated dials (1000 series)
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Wide selection of Ranges
  • Customized Scales available

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