Item #ME/PVK330, Megger Photovoltaic Meter

When installing, commissioning and testing a photovoltaic installation additional instrumentation is required to accompany the usual electrician’s test equipment such as the Megger MFT1730 and MFT1835 multifunction testers.

The Megger PVK330 photovoltaic kit offers this additional instrumentation in the form of a PVM210 irradiance meter, DCM340 600 A ac / dc clampmeter and a kit of specialist solar testleads. To provide easy storage of the PV kit a zipped pouch is also included.

The PVK330 kit offers the solar / photovoltaic engineer a clampmeter option of verifying, with the PVM210 irradiance meter, the stated short circuit current as provided by the manufacturer of the solar panel as required by published standards. In addition, this clampmeter offers the option of testing the current within each ‘string’ on a larger solar array without disconnection of cables.

PVM210 Irradiance meter

The PVM210 is a pocket size instrument that has both solar detector and meter combined in one unit that permits single handed use, ideal for working at height and on sloping roofs.

The unit has a 3¾ digit display and a maximum range of

1999 W/m². A hold function allows easy measurements of solar power.

DCM340 clampmeter

The DCM340 clampmeter features 600 V ac / dc and 600 A ac / dc ranges. Additional functions include resistance and frequency. A hold feature to enable easy measurements is also included. The additional functions would also prove to be of use in other sections of the photovoltaic installation.

PVM210 irradiance meter
DCM340 600 A ac / dc clampmeter
MC4 solar connectors to 4 mm standard plug test leads
MC3 to MC4 adapter test leads
PV kit storage pouch

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