Item #AE/2135.20, Digital Ground Resistance Tester Models 4620 & 4630 - AEMC

The AEMC Digital Ground Resistance Tester Models 4620 & 4630 perform ground resistance and soil resistivity tests. This direct reading tester measures from 0 to 2000Ω, and is auto-ranging, so it automatically seeks out the optimum measurement range. They are rugged, easy-to-use and is ideal for maintenance crews performing numerous tests. They exceed mechanical and safety specifications for shock, vibration and drop tests specified in IEC standards. They are designed to reject high levels of interference, so they can be used under difficult conditions such as high stray currents that normally affect accuracy.

  • Model 4620 is powered by eight C cell batteries (included).
  • Model 4630 is powered by 9.6V, 3.5 Ah NiMH rechargeable batteries. A built-in recharge circuit, powered from 120/230V 50/60Hz line, also provides for testing while recharging.

The Model 4620 and 4630 are also available in complete Kits (150ft, 300ft and 500ft).


    • Measures soil resistivity (4-Point) method
    • Measures ground resistance (2- and 3-Point) Fall-of-Potential method
    • Step voltage tests and touch potential measurements
    • Auto-Ranging: automatically selects the optimum range
    • Designed to reject high levels of noise and interference
    • Extremely simple to operate: connect – press – read
    • LED on faceplate informs the operator of high input noise, high auxiliary rod resistance and fault connections
    • Large easy-to-read backlit display
    • Battery-powered (Model 4620)
  • AC powered with rechargeable NiMH batteries (Model 4630)
  • Rugged dustproof and rainproof field case
  • Can also be used for continuity tests on bonding
  • Color-coded terminals
  • CE Approved, Double Insulation
Digital Ground Resistance Tester Specs

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AE/2135.20, Digital Ground Resistance Tester Models 4620 & 4630 - AEMC $1,939.00


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Model 4620 Kit 300/100' Leads, electrodes, lugs & case