Item #AE/2134.61, AEMC 8 Channel Data Loggers

The 8-Channel Data Logger Model DL-1080 (no display) and Model DL-1081 (with display)  are versatile, powerful and cost-effective data loggers handling analog, digital and other types of variables with high resolution and speed. They offer high performance and are easy to configure and operate.

8 configurable analog inputs can measure thermocouples, Pt100, Pt1000, DC voltage and DC current signals. They are equipped with 2 relay outputs and 8 digital ports that are individually configurable as inputs or outputs.

DL-1080 (no display)    AE/2134.61
DL-1081 (with display) AE/2134.62


  • 8 universal analog input channels
  • 8 digital I/Os (individually configured as inputs or outputs)
  • 2 relay outputs (NO, NC and common)
  • RS485 interface (Modbus master or slave)
  • 24VDC output to power up to eight 4 to 20mA transmitters
  • Ethernet interface for LAN and internet use
  • USB-device interface for configuring, monitoring and download
  • USB-host interface for logged data retrieval through a USB flash drive
  • Up to 32 configurable alarms
  • Up to 128 virtual channels
  • Detachable display
  • Up to 100 channels can be logged at a user-configurable rate
  • Data downloading through the configuration software or through the freely distributed downloaded DLL

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AE/2134.61, AEMC 8 Channel Data Loggers $1,629.00


DL-1080 8-channel Data Logger (no display)