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The FLIR E6 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera is the workhorse of the building performance industry. To begin with, the E6 has a better resolution to see the finer details of missing insulation or faulty air barriers. With 19,200 pixels, the 160 x 120 resolution exceeds the RESNET standard on infrared thermography for buildings. And with 0.06 °C thermal sensitivity, the E6 has almost twice the sensitivity recommended by RESNET. With a temperature range of -4 to 482 °F, the E6 thermal camera has you covered for all ambient building and HVAC conditions.

The new 45 wide angle lens on the FLIR E6 gives a much better view of a target area, enabling large sections of wall to be scanned quickly and accurately, and allowing better comparison of anomalies within the viewing area. The built-in 3.1 megapixel digital camera will capture visible light photos with every infrared photo, storing them together for a report that makes more sense to clients. Even see them together in a familiar Picture In Picture format. The E6 thermal camera also incorporates FLIR’s MSX Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging technology to combine the digital and infrared photos. Rather than 50% digital and 50% infrared, patented MSX imaging shows all the relevant details of both images, combined into one data-rich picture. MSX mode reveals the target so clearly that you may just leave it on forever.

New to the FLIR E6 is the option to manually adjust level and span, allowing fine tuning of the temperature range to focus in on the desired target. The expanded 3″ LCD is bright enough to be seen even in sunlight, while the new removable battery will give around 4 good hours of work time. The FLIR E6 comes with FLIR Tools software for both PC and Apple/Mac computers. Photos are easily moved from the camera to the computer with the included USB cable. The FLIR E6 is the new standard in industrial design for thermal cameras, yet still retains the ruggedness, great picture, and overall usability for which FLIR is renowned.

• Simultaneous storage of IR/Visual/MSX images
• 2% accuracy
• Large 3″ color LCD
• 640 x 480 camera
• File format: radiometric jpg
• Spot measurement mode
• Easy to use, weighs only 1.2 lbs.
• Swappable battery, 4 hour life
• 19,200 pixels (160 x 120)
• <0.06°C thermal sensitivity
• Picture in Picture image
• Centerspot & Area Box Measurement modes
• Auto hot/cold detection with min/max markers

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FLIR E6 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera (160x120)