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The new FLIR E4 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera brings infrared into new territory. The E4 delivers a full 4800 pixels of useful thermal camera data, a 3.1 megapixel digital camera, and the best blending technology in the industry, all for under $1000. The FLIR E4 combines a beautiful new industrial styling with an impressive feel and strong build quality that can withstand a 6 foot drop.

The FLIR E4 thermal camera is built around its 80 x 60 resolution sensor, with a thermal sensitivity of 0.15 °C. It is capable of viewing and measuring temperatures from -4 to 482 °F. It’s enough resolution and sensitivity to easily find many common electrical and mechanical faults. Giving the E4 its great, focus-free picture is a new 45° wide angle lens. This wide lens results in a large usable viewing area. What takes many passes with a spot temp gun or a visual thermometer can all be seen on one screen with the FLIR E4. Great optics and real resolution make all the difference in good diagnosis.

Around this core of great infrared technology, FLIR has added some features that make the data much more meaningful. By incorporating a quality visible light camera, the FLIR E4 is able to capture both visible light digital photos as well as infrared photos simultaneously with one squeeze of the trigger. These images are stored together in the onboard memory for creating reports that are professional and easy to understand. Perhaps better than either visible or infrared photos, though, is FLIR’s new MSX Thermal Image Enhancement. In MSX viewing mode the camera screen (and any photo) displays a combined visual and infrared image, resulting in target data that is both easier to understand as well as more useful. From the number on an overheating breaker, to the pattern on a client’s wallpaper, the FLIR E4 thermal camera with MSX delivers the data you need to make an informed decision.

• Simultaneous storage of IR/Visual/MSX images
• 2% accuracy
• Large 3″ color LCD
• 640 x 480 camera
• File format: radiometric jpg
• Spot measurement mode
• Easy to use, weighs only 1.2 lbs.
• Swappable battery, 4 hour life
• 4,800 pixels (80 x 60)
• <0.15°C thermal sensitivity
• Centerspot measurement mode

Catalog Page 127                  FLIR-EX-Datasheet

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FLIR E4 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera (80x60)