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Measurement & Control News - Nov 2017

Measurement & Control News  
In this issue:   Crompton Analog Panel Meters
  Kobold Pressure Sensor
  Extech Borescope Cameras


Crompton Panel Meters


Tyco Crompton has drop-in replacements for the popular Yokogawa Horizon and Stylist panel meters.  The Challenger line is available in 1½", 2½", 3½" and 4½" sizes for both surface and window mounting.  Standard models include a large selection of:

Crompton also supplies direct replacements for Yokogawa Big Look meters.  Weschler's Meter Center can customize any Crompton meter for special scaling, legends, logos, non-standard ranges, color bands or other modifications.     

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Kobold Pressure Sensor


The Kobold PSD Pressure Sensor offers full scale ranges of 30 to 7500 psi and +0.5% FS accuracy.  This versatile device includes a 4 digit LED display, analog output and switch outputs.  The display and connector independently rotate for installation flexibility. Easy pushbutton setup includes selectable V or mA for the analog output, NO or NC switch operation, plus adjustable hystersis, window and delay. The 1/4" NPT pressure port connects to compatible liquids and non-combustible/non-aggressive gases.  Protection is rated IP65.   

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Extech Borescope


Extech Video Borescope Cameras are useful tools for many industrial, commercial and residential inspection tasks.  The BR80 features a 17mm dia. camera head, 72° viewing angle and 2-6" focus distance.  The BR150 has a compact 9mm camera head, 45° viewing angle and 5.9-9.8" focus distance.  Both models have a 2.4" color display and run on 4 AA batteries.  A waterproof (IP67) camera head with 4 illumination LEDs sits at the end of a 1m gooseneck cable.  Extension cables are available.  

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