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Measurement & Control News - Sept 2017

Measurement & Control News  
In this issue:   Prime Instruments
  Cable Locator & Tester
  Current Transformers


Prime Instruments


Prime Instruments analog panel meters are now available from Weschler Instruments.  These economical 5% meters are made in the USA.  AC & DC models can be ordered in a variety of sizes and styles.  The Model 21, 42 & 90 shown here have many standard ranges for voltages to 500V and currents to 30A.  Line frequency indicators support 50 & 60Hz systems.  Custom ranges and artwork can be provided on request.  

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Cable Locator & Tester


The new AEMC 6681 Cable Locator & Tester detects faults in communication cables and electrical wiring.  It will locate and track cables in walls or buried in ground.  The 6681 operates in both single and two-pole modes to detect opens & shorts, circuit breakers & fuses.  It is simple to use on both live and de-energized circuits.  A graphic LCD display is included in both the handheld transmitter and receiver.  Measurement range is 12-300V ac/dc.  Locator signal is 125kHz.  Backlight and flashlight functions are also included. 

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Current Transformers


Current transformers are frequently used with analog meters, digital meters and transducers.  Weschler stocks a large inventory of solid core, split core and flexible CTs in ANSI standard sizes.  Solid core are the most popular, while split core and flexible models easily fit around conductors without disconnecting them.  Current ratings range from 100 to 6000A full scale and 1 to 50VA.  Window openings from 1" to 15" dia. will accommodate most conductors and bus bars.  We can also supply potential (voltage) transformers to step down system voltages.   

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