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Measurement & Control News - July 2017


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Measurement & Control News  
In this issue:   Trumeter Power Meters
  API Transmitters
  Yokogawa Meters


Trumeter Power Meters

Laurel L40 from Weschler Instruments

New APM Digital Power Meters from Trumeter are an economical way to measure voltage, current, power, energy and other electrical parameters on single and 3-phase systems up to 600V. Dynamic red/green/white backlighting, in conjunction with setpoints, provides a visual alert when a signal is out of range.   One analog and two digital/pulse outputs can be used to activate external alarms or control other devices.  These meters are field configurable from the front panel or USB port.     

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API Transmitters

Sifam Tinsley Synchroscopes from Weschler Instruments   

Weschler now carries Sifam Tinsley digital meters, including their synchroscopes and synchronizing units.  On the SQ94 (96mm) and SQ14 (144mm) synchroscopes, rotating LEDs indicate the frequency & phase difference between generator & bus voltage.  The KS3-1 has digital readouts of phase, frequency and voltage difference.  The KS3-2 uses rotating LEDs for phase difference and bargraphs for voltage and frequency difference.  The KS3 models include a relay output to enable synchronization.  RS485 Modbus is an option.  For analog applications, the Weschler 4½" and 8¾" ANSI switchboard meters (KI-241 & KI-261) provide a continuously rotating pointer indicator.

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Yokogawa Meters

Sifam Tinsley Theta Transducers from Weschler Instruments  

Although Yokogawa has stopped production, Weschler Instruments still has a large stock of Yokogawa analog meters.  Our inventory includes the popular AB40 and DB40 switchboard meters as well as the Big Look, Stylist and Horizon panel meters.  We are also producing the Type 240 Elapsed Time Meters and the Power Series Plus digital meters.  Our Meter Modification Center can configure any of these meters to your requirements.  Our Meter Specialists will also help you select replacements for other discontinued Yokogawa models.     

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