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Measurement & Control News - Feb 2017

Measurement & Control News  
In this issue:   Yokogawa Meters
  Texmate Transducers
  Fuji Controllers


Yokogawa Meters


Although Yokogawa has decided to exit the analog meter business, Weschler Instruments has stockpiled a large inventory to fill your immediate needs. This includes the Big Look, Horizon, Switchboard and other models.  Our Meter Modification Center will configure each meter to your specific requirements. Weschler Meter Specialists can also help you select suitable replacements.  Call us soon to lock in your order.    

Yokogawa Products  
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Texmate Transducers


Texmate Transducers convert AC voltage, current, frequency, power & energy into a DC value for easy readout or input to a SCADA system.  Direct connect up to 5A or 600V.  For higher levels, connect using a CT or PT.    Voltage and current transducers can be ordered with either average or TRMS sensing.  Standard accuracy is 0.2%.  Power and energy transducers come in a variety of single and 3 phase system configuration.  Two case styles (panel and DIN rail) provide mounting flexibility.  These transducers easily replace the recently discontinued Yokogawa products.  

Transducer Data  
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Fuji Controllers


The new Fuji  PXF Process Controllers are fast, compact & user friendly.  Three models feature a large, bright color display, universal input and 50ms sampling rate.  Other features include 7 control methods, 64 ramp/soak segments, 2 control outputs and up to 4 alarm outputs. Options include RS485 Modbus communications, digital inputs and motorized valve control versions. Initial setup can be done via USB without external power.     

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