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Measurement & Control News - Dec 2016

Measurement & Control News  
In this issue:   Non-Contact Power Logger
  Pressure Transmitters
  Serial to Analog Converter


Non-Contact Power Logger


Hioki has expanded their power logger family with the introduction of the PW3365.  This model is the first to include non-contact voltage sensors for use on insulated wires. This method provides faster and safer setup compared to other loggers.  It has 3 voltage and 3 current inputs, with current sensor options from 500mA to 5000A.  The 3.5" color LCD shows data, graphs and step-by-step setup instructions.  A removable SD memory card stores up to 1 year of data when sampled at a 1 minute interval.  The PW3365 has both USB & Ethernet interfaces.  It can be AC or battery powered.  

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Pressure Transmitters


Ashcroft offers pressure transmitters with either digital or analog readout. The Ashcroft 2074 family is available in 3" and 4.5" sizes, with 1/4% FS accuracy.  Both sizes have a large 5 digit display with selectable engineering units.  Choose battery, loop or DC power when ordering. The Ashcroft T5500E has a 4" dial and Grade 2A (1/2% FS) accuracy.  The transmitter section is externally powered from 12-30VDC. 
Both products use stainless steel wetted parts to cover full scale ranges from 15psi to 30000psi.  They feature NEMA 4X (IP65) cases, with 1/4 or 1/2 NPT process connection, and a 4-20mA analog output. 
The 2074 family also has selectable damping, and optional switch outputs.          

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Serial to Analog Converter


The Laurel LTS Transmitter converts digital data to an analog signal.  It accepts Modbus & ASCII protocols.  Data can be extracted from long character strings.  The 16-bit analog output is isolated from the power and digital sections. It can be set to either 4-20mA or 0-10V, using the free setup software.  The input data rate determines the output update rate (up to 75/sec).  The LTS can be AC or DC powered.  It is DIN-rail mounted and has two SPST-NO solid state relay outputs.  

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