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Measurement & Control News - Oct 2016

Measurement & Control News  
In this issue:   Graphic Panel Meters
  Bargraph Application
  Compact IR Testers


Graphic Panel Meters


Lascar SGD

Lascar recently expanded their PanelPilot line of Multi-Function Graphic Meters to include 4.5" and 7" sizes.  The SGD-43A has a 480x272 color touch screen with 262k colors.  The SGD-70A has a 1024x600 color touch screen with 16.7M colors.  Both models run off 5-30VDC and accept up to four +40V analog inputs.  Eight digital input/output lines, two alarm outputs, four PWM outputs and USB/RS232 interfaces are included. 
The Free PanelPilot Ace software provides a drag & drop tool kit to easily create custom, interactive meter displays without programming.  It is Win7-10 compatible.  

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Bargraph Application


This Weschler BG261 continuously reads the output of a hydraulic load cell to display weight-on-bit for oil and gas drillers. The meter's large digits and circular bar are readable from 30 ft.  The high intensity display option provides LEDs that are viewable in bright sunlight.  High shock internal mountings, designed for shipboard meters, withstand the rig's shock and vibration.  An extended operating temperature, down to -35ºC, meets the need for all season operation.  The BG261 is mounted in a NEMA 4x enclosure, but also has a spray-tight front bezel so weather protection is maintained even when the enclosure door is opened.  
Our extensive Bargraph Meter line, with hundreds of configuration options, can be easily adapted to meet your monitoring, display or control applications.
    Photos courtesy of Position Tracking Systems.            

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Compact IR Testers


The Megger MIT200 Series provides insulation resistance testing in a compact size.  These models are ideal for anyone who frequently carries the meter for on-site testing of motors, generators, transformers, switchgear, instrument panels, appliances or building wiring.  The LCD display combines a precise digital resistance readout with an analog pointer response to evaluate circuit charge & discharge characteristics.  All models measure IR to 1000Mohm, with test voltages up to 1kV. The continuity function checks down to 0.01ohm with a 200mA test current.  Power is provided by 6 AA batteries. 

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