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Measurement & Control News Apr 2016

Measurement & Control News  
In this issue:   Metals & Plating Instrumentation
  Infrared Cameras
  NCV Multimeters


Metals Instrumentation


Weschler's industrial-grade instrumentation serves the needs of  mines, steel mills, aluminum smelters, platers, welders and other metal processors.  We stock an extensive selection of digital meters, analog meters, meter relays and controllers that can be customized for specific applications.  Add a shunt, current transformer, sensor or transducer for additional measurement capability.  We also offer meter integration, calibration and repair services. 

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Infrared Cameras


Flir has introduced a new series of Compact Thermal Imaging Cameras.  4 models offer thermal resolutions from 80x60 to 320x240.  These affordable handheld units simultaneously store an IR, visual and enhanced multi-spectral (MSX) image.  MSX adds visible spectrum info to the thermal image for easier detail identification.  Picture-in-picture and other advanced features are also available in the E Series.

Flir E Series   
IR Meters  


NCV Multimeters

New DMMs from Extech and AEMC offer non-contact voltage detection.  These 6000 count TRMS meters also feature low-Z voltage measurement to prevent ghost readings.  The Extech EX360 Series has models tailored to electrical, industrial and HVAC applications.  They measure to 1000V AC/DC with 0.5% basic DC accuracy.  These meters are CAT IV rated and UL listed.  Models in the AEMC 5200 Series measure to 1000VDC and 750VAC with 0.2% basic DC accuracy.   AEMC and Extech both offer AC/DC current, capacitance, temperature, frequency and duty cycle on some models, in addition to the standard AC/DC voltage and resistance.  
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