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Measurement & Control News June 2015


Measurement & Control News  
In this issue:   Transformer Monitor
  Current Sensing Switches


Transformer Monitor


Oil-filled industrial transformers as small as 1 MVA can benefit from installation of a Weschler transformer monitor.   In the last 10 years, our Transformer Advantage has been used by steel mills, chemical plants, oil refineries, drilling platforms, paper mills, cement plants, mines, pumping stations, aluminum smelters, light rail transit systems and other large power users.  The Advantage provides temperature and status monitoring, cooling control, alarms and SCADA communication.  Replace up to five analog gauges with one Transformer Advantage for:
          * More accurate oil & winding temperature readings
          * Automatic self-check and fault alerts (no more quiet failures)
          * Remote monitoring via ASCII, Modbus & DNP3 protocols
Seven models and many configuration options simplify field retrofit.  The weatherproof metal case and stable platinum sensors mount directly on the transformer for years of trouble free operation.  While the primary application is in utility substations, the Weschler Transformer Advantage is also popular in distributed generation, particularly at wind turbine, solar power and cogen facilities.

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Current Switches


New NK Technologies AC current switches allow simplified setup on a de-energized circuit.  Sense from 1A to 150A, in both solid-core and split-core styles, with the ASL series.  A single-turn pot provides the trip current adjustment. The trip setting is indicated on the label and always visible.  ASL models are self-powered from the monitor circuit.  Choose a normally open or normally closed solid-state output (AC/DC) when ordering.

The ASD series also adjust with a single-turn pot, but include a digital display for precise setting of the trip current.  Monitor overcurrent, undercurrent or both over & undercurrent in the range of 1A to 200A.  All ASD models have isolated 1A, 240V AC contacts and are powered externally from 24V AC/DC.

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