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Measurement & Control News - May 2015

Measurement & Control News  
In this issue:   Nuclear Qualified Meters
  Advanced Process Meter


Nuclear Qualified Meters


nuclear qualified meters

Weschler Nuclear Qualified Switchboard Meters carry a 1E rating for use in safety applications at nuclear power plants. These rugged meters fit standard ANSI panel cutouts and are designed to meet national nuclear standards for environmental, temperature, humidity, seismic, vibration and human factors.
BG2 Digital Bargraph meters feature a five digit numeric display and 101 segment bar display.  Up to 4 setpoint relays are available for control and alarms.  Other options included analog retransmit and digital communications.

Analog meters use industry standard Westinghouse designs.  The rugged taut band movement assures reliable operation in severe environments.

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Advanced Process Meter


advanced process meter


The new APM Advanced Process Meter has a large 4 digit main display, a 40 segment curved bar and an alphanumeric display for units, alarms or custom messages.  The user selectable V/mA input is accurate to 0.1%.  Dynamic backlighting (white/red/green), in conjunction with setpoints, provides a highly visible alert for out-of-limit conditions.  Two analog or digital outputs can be used to control alarms or other equipment.  User setup is with dip switches or USB Windows software.  A 20 point linearization table is included.

APM Panel Meters