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Measurement & Control News - Nov 2014

Measurement & Control News  
In this issue:    ♦  Easy Data Logging
   ♦  Graphic Panel Meters


Easy Data Logging


New USB data loggers simplify the capture of process readings.  One example is the family of USB sticks from Lascar.  Simply insert one of these loggers into the PC’s USB port.  Name it, choose the sample rate, memory mode, hi/lo alarms (if needed) and start mode.  Once configured, the logger can be removed from the computer to start & log independently.  While logging, the optional LCD display shows the status or latest reading.  When finished, plug it back into the PC for one-click data download & display, using the supplied software.  Export the data for further analysis.

The SimpleLogger II family from AEMC operates in a similar manner but offers a larger memory (up to 240,000 readings) and additional functions, such as TRMS AC. 

Stand-alone loggers often include a display for setup and data display.  The Lascar GFX family is IP67/NEMA 4X rated and stores up to 256,000 readings.  A micro USB port allows PC setup and data download.  

Other Data Logging Solutions:
         Smart Digital Panel Meter (e.g. Texmate Tiger)
         Paperless Recorder (e.g. Yokogawa GP10)
         DIN-rail Module (e.g. AEMC DL1081)

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Graphic Panel Meters


Several new panel meters include advanced display capabilities.  Users can program the Panel Pilot to display a variety of meter styles, customize the display elements and add text labels.  The Newport DPi1701 has three display modes: a large 4-digit readout, a bargraph plus digital display and a graph of stored data values.  In addition to a 4 parameter digital readout, the Schneider Advanced Energy Meter displays vector diagrams on a backlit LCD.

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