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Measurement & Control News - June 2014


Measurement & Control News
In this issue:   Process Control with a BarGraph Meter
  USB Interface
  Current Transformer Polarity Check - Video 

Bargraph for Control


The combination of proportional (analog) output and on/off relays on Weschler Bargraph meters provide a flexible way to control a process or test.  The meter in this example regulates the feed motor speed and turns off the blade motor when overloaded.  The tricolor bar changes from green to amber to red as the blade load increases.
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USB Interface


USB is becoming a popular interface for measurement & control equipment.  It allows a computer to easily communicate with a meter, controller, smart sensor, recorder or tester.  USB is limited to one device per port and relatively short distances, but it is handy for instrument setup and download of stored data. 

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CT Polarity Check


Analog panel meters are easy to set up and simple to operate.  This makes them useful for quick tests - such as the current transformer (CT) polarity check described in this YouTube video posted by one of our customers.


Check CT polarity with center zero DC ammeter & battery