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Measurement & Control Newsletter for May

     70 Years of Power & Process Measurements                                                                 May 2011
In This Issue:
 Rugged Bargraph Meter for Outdoor Applications 
 Monitoring Electric Energy Use
• Transformer Temperature Monitor & Control
• Durable Process Indicators 
Measurement & Control News is a newsletter highlighting products, applications and information of interest to instrumentation users.
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Rugged Bargraph Meter for Outdoor Applications
An oil drilling rig needed a large, easy to read display of hydraulic pressure.  The Weschler BG261 Bargraph Meter, with several factory options, met the requirement.   The large digits and circular bar on this 8.75" meter are easily seen from 30 ft away.  The high intensity display option provides LEDs that are viewable in bright sunlight.
High shock internal mountings designed for military shipboard meters are used here to withstand the rig's shock and vibration. An extended operating temperature range, down to -35°C, meets the need for all season operation. 
The BG261 is mounted with other indicators in a NEMA 4X enclosure. The meter also has a spraytight front bezel, so weather protection is maintained even when the enclosure door is opened.  Dual setpoint outputs are used to trigger alarms when hydraulic pressure goes above or below the normal operating range.  The meter is powered from the 24VDC control supply.    
A wide selection of inputs is available to measure sensor and process signals. Other configuration options on the BG261 include analog retransmit, serial communication and line voltage operation.  The BG261 has a single color bar. The BGTC series features a three color bar. 
BG261 Data          Other Bargraph Meters   
Monitoring Electric Energy Use 
Reducing energy consumption is a federal mandate for many projects and can result in significant cost savings.  The E-Mon D-Mon Energy Meters are an effective way to monitor energy use within a commercial and industrial building.  Single phase and three phase units accommodate circuits up to 3200 Amps.  Split core current sensors speed retrofit installation.  An E-MON meter can be used stand-alone or tied into a data network.  Wireless remote monitoring is also available.  
Sub-metering allows billing of tenants or departments based on actual energy use.  This requires an energy meter connected to each circuit.  For this application, E-MON offers a compact cabinet that holds up to 24 digital meters.  The Multiple Meter Unit simplifies meter reading and occupies significantly less space than the traditional glass jar meters used by utilities. 
Transformer Temperature Monitor & Control
Weschler's Transformer Advantage is an Electronic Temperature Monitor designed to easily upgrade the analog temperature indicators on oil-filled transformers.  Oil-filled transformers rated 1MVA or higher are typically found outside large factories or processing plants.   The Advantage provides a precise readout of oil and winding temperatures.  It will also control cooling fans and activate alarms if temperatures exceed a safe operating level. 
The Advantage has many features not available on analog gauges. Digital communication can link the Advantage to the plant SCADA network, for remote monitoring or data recording. Cooling can be started based on transformer load, time of day or season to provide additional transformer capacity on hot days. Internal diagnostics verify proper operation every 10 minutes (failures on analog gauges often go undetected for years).  
Initial setup of the Advantage is easily done from the front panel or with a laptop computer. Units can also be preset at the factory for even quicker field startup.   
Replacement analog gauges are expensive, so the Advantage is a cost effective upgrade for one or two analog gauges.  Some Advantage models can replace up to 4 analog gauges. Hundreds of option combinations are available, so each unit is configured to match the specific requirements of the user's site. 
Durable Process Indicators
The Yokogawa DURA Series Process Indicators are mounted in a die cast NEMA 4X aluminum housing. These rugged units are ideal for use in dirty process environments. The MLA Analog Loop Powered Indicator is designed to meet FM standards for hazardous locations. It is available for 4-20mA, 10-50mA & 1-5VDC signals. Wall or 2" pipe (horizontal or vertical) mounting can be specified. 
The MLD Digital Loop Powered Indicator has a 4 digit LCD display with 0.05% FS accuracy.  Input is 4-20mA. Standard display is 0-100%, with engineering units available on request. 
The DURA Elapsed Time Meter is a 6 digit mechanical counter with cumulative hour or minute indication. Models are UL rated for 120, 240 or 480 VAC operation. Reset and non-reset versions are available. 
            MLD/MLA Info                                                 DURA ETM Info
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