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Measurement & Control Newsletter for Feb

     70 Years of Power & Process Measurements                                                               February 2011
In This Issue:
 Transducer Monitors Solar Array 
 Data Logger for AC Voltage and Current
• Dual Display Digital Panel Meter
• Clamp-On Ground Resistance Measurement 
Measurement & Control News is a newsletter highlighting products, applications and information of interest to instrumentation users.
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DC Transducer Monitors Solar Array
Transducer for Solar Array - Weschler InstrumentsA DC current transducer is installed in a solar array combiner box to monitor the output of the array and detect failing or faulty panels.  Hall effect sensing is used to provide complete isolation between the array and the monitor circuit.  The hinged split core is quickly installed around the high current conductor, without cutting or terminating that lead.  The transducer's small size fits easily in the enclosure, as shown here.  
The NK Technologies DT Series is UL approved.  Each unit has three field selectable ranges (up to 400A) and can be ordered with 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20mA output.  Jaw opening is 0.85" (21.5mm).  
A solid core version is available to reduce cost in OEM applications.
NK Technologies DT4 for Weschler Instruments
This transducer is also suitable for bi-directional monitoring of other dc loads, to track time of operation and detect maintenance requirements
AC Voltage & Current Data Logger 
Extech DL160 from Weschler InstrumentsExtech has introduced a small, two channel TRMS AC data logger.  The DL160 will simultaneously measure two AC voltage inputs, two AC current inputs or one voltage and one current input.  Sample interval is programmable from 1 second to 24 hours.  This handy recorder will store up to 256,000 readings for later download through the USB interface.  Windows software is included for data management and analysis.  Downloaded data can also be exported to a spreadsheet. 
The small size and internal battery make it easy to temporarily set up the DL160 to monitor circuits or equipment.  Clamp-on current probes and voltage sensing probes are included. Input range is 10-200A AC and 10-600V AC.   The front panel LCD indicates time/date, present reading and min/max values.
                             DL160 Info      Other Voltage/Current Data Loggers 
Dual Display Digital Panel Meter
Red Lion PAX2A from Weschler InstrumentsThe new Red Lion PAX2A is packed full of features and flexibility.  The large 6 digit display can be configured to show the input signal, total, minimum, maximum or setpoint value. This display can also be programmed to change colors (red/orange/green) at specific levels, providing the operator with a visual indication of changing process conditions. The 9 digit display accommodates totalizing applications that exceed normal 6 digits displays.  It can also show setpoint value or min/max readings. The front panel includes a programmable three character units indicator. 
One PAX2A meter can be stocked for numerous applications.  A universal input reads DC current, DC voltage, process singals, resistance, thermocouples and RTDs.  The meter has a wide range power supply to operate from 50-250VAC or 22-250VDC.  Setpoint relays, analog output and RS232 or RS485 interface are optional.  Free setup software allows quick configuration of the meter from any PC, using the supplied USB cable.  Modbus protocol is standard. 
Clamp-On Ground Resistance Measurements 
Ground Resistance Tester from Weschler InstrumentsThese new Megger Clamp-On Testers measure resistance and continuity of grounding loops around pads, poles & buildings.  Multi-ground systems can be checked without disconnecting the ground rod or stake under test.  Use the DET14C to verify lightning protection on cell towers, RF transmitters and telecom sites as well as consumer installations such as pools and spas.  This meter will also measure leakage current flowing to ground or circulating in the ground system.
The DET14C is fast and easy to use.  No rods or cables are needed.  Measure from 0.05 ohm to 1500 ohms and 0.5mA to 35A.  The meter is autoranging with automatic self calibration.  Jaw opening of 1.5" fits around large conductors.  Other features include a backlit LCD, display hold, noise filter and audible alarms.  The DET24C adds data storage for 2000 tests and a USB interface.