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Measurement & Control News for September

     70 Years of Power & Process Measurements                                                                 September 2010
In This Issue:
 Nuclear Power Plant Simulator 
 Kilowatt Transducer Feeds Factory DCS
Low Cost Infrared Camera
AEMC Expands Data Logger Line 
Measurement & Control News is a newsletter highlighting products, applications and information of interest to instrumentation users.
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Nuclear Power Plant Simulator
Airlines use cockpit flight simulators to train pilots.  Nuclear power plants use control room simulators to train plant operators.  Each simulator replicates the layout and response of a specific control room.  Recently Weschler provided more than 600 panel instruments for a $13M simulator at the Cook Nuclear plant in Michigan.  These instruments included various Weschler switchboard meters, plus products from Yokogawa, Simpson, International Instruments, KEP and Ashcroft. Many required custom scales or special colors to exactly match the Unit #1 control room.  Weschler was uniquely able to provide this broad variety of products and customization services.   
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 Kilowatt Transducer Feeds Factory DCS
An industrial customer wanted to monitor the power into a large oxidation oven, and tie that information into his existing distributed control system (DCS). He needed to measure three phase currents (to detect unbalances and phase loss), plus total kW. After considering several options for a power transducer with digital communications, he chose instead to use four analog 4-20mA loops to feed the DCS.
The Crompton INT1560 Energy Transducer has the required inputs and outputs.  It measures 50 electrical parameters and provides both digital and analog outputs. Initial setup can be done through a plug-in display unit or through the RS-485 Modbus port (using Crompton's free configuration software).  This rugged unit has an extended temperature range and enhanced noise immunity, so it can be installed on the plant floor.  More    
Low Cost Infrared Camera
Why settle for spot temperature measurements when you can move up to a Thermal Imaging Camera for only $1599?  The Extech i5 Infrared Camera is faster & more accurate than an infrared thermometer. Use the i5 to quickly scan large areas. Pinpoint equipment hot spots and dangerous conditions. Troubleshoot wiring, breaker panels, motors, controllers and other power devices.  This handheld camera is also useful for predictive maintenance & energy audits. Images are displayed on the color LCD & stored on a miniSD memory card.  Measurement range is 0-250C (32-482F) with 0.1deg resolution.
Extech is a subsidiarly of Flir, a technology leader in infrared imaging. The new low price for the i5 Camera makes it even easier to upgrade from a single-spot thermometer.    More
AEMC Expands Data Logger Line 
The Simple Logger II products from AEMC are small data recorders with non-volatile, 240000 measurement memory.  The new ML912 is a two channel AC current recorder powered by 2 alkaline batteries. The attached 6' Mini-Flex probes fit wires up to 1.77" dia. User selectable input ranges measure either 0.5-100A or 5-1000A.
The Simple Logger® II stores time-stamped data at a user programmable rate from 8/sec to 1/day.  For each data point, 64 samples are taken on one line cycle to calculate a TRMS value. Non-volatile memory and three storage modes prevent loss of data.  An optically isolated USB port connects to a PC. The free Dataview™ software displays real time waveforms, extracts stored data, performs harmonic analysis and generates reports.
Other new models in the Simple Logger II line:
   L702 Temperature & RH Logger
   L481 DCV Logger (+/- 850V)
   L404 Event Logger