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Measurement & Control News for April

     70 Years of Power & Process Measurements                                                                         April 2010
In This Issue:
Energy Monitoring Solutions
Red Lion Products
Assembly Services
Measurement & Control News is a monthly newsletter highlighting products, applications and information of interest to instrumentation users.
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We carry Weschler products and products from 50 of the leading equipment brands.
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Energy Monitoring Solutions
Weschler offers a wide variety of products to measure and control energy consumption.  Monitor power, energy and power quality with:
   • Panel meters from Yokogawa, Electro Industries, 
     Crompton, Conzerv, Texmate & Weschler.
    Transducers from Weschler, NK Technologies, 
     Veris & Crompton.  
   • Monitoring systems from E-Mon & National Meter.
    Test equipment from AEMC, Extech, Fluke, Hioki
     & Yokogawa.  
Various network options are available, including wireless products from E-Mon & Electro Industries.
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Red Lion Products Now Available 
Weschler is now a factory-authorized distributor for Red Lion products.  Well known for their extensive line of digital panel meters, Red Lion also offers controllers, signal conditioners, operator interfaces and network communication products.  Red Lion has recently updated the popular CUB7 and PAXLite panel meters with new models and new features.  Call us to select the right Red Lion product for your application.       More info
Assembly Services Speed Startup
Our Meter Modication Center routinely customizes meters and configures them for your application.  We now offer custom assembly services to install these meters in a panel or cabinet.  Choose a low cost fiberglass cabinet for indoor user, a weather-tight enclosure for outdoor use, a portable case for field use, a metal panel for control rack installation or an Adalet
explosion-proof meter housing for industrial plants.  We'll add transducers, sensors, transmitters and control devices as needed for a full function system.  Let us help with the design by selecting the best products for your application from our extensive instrumentation catalog.  More info
Cincinnati Instrumentation Show 
Visit the Southwest Ohio Instrumentation Show on May 11 at the King's Island Resort.  See what's new in test & measurement products.  Attend technical sessions on topics such as built-in self test, digital data recorders and environmental testing.  Weschler will display key products from our extensive catalog, including Yokogawa panel meters, E-Mon energy monitors, Megger testers and Fluke instrumentation.  Our measurement & control specialists will be available to discuss your application requirements.    More Info