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analog meters, digital meters, transducers, signal conditioners, data loggers and test instrumentation
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New Weschler Catalog & Reference Guide

New Products in Every Section!

The Weschler Instruments Product Catalog & Reference Guide, Volume 10 is your best resource for Measurement, Control & Test Equipment.  

This edition features more than 50 new products, as well as 'industry standard' models from over 50 leading manufacturers.  See the latest in:

  ♦  Controllers
  ♦  DIgital Meters
  ♦  Analog Meters
  ♦  SIgnal Conditioners
  ♦  Sensors
  ♦  Transducers
  ♦  Recorders
  ♦  Data Loggers
  ♦  Test Equipment

plus application and technical information on power measurements, current transformers, temperature measurements, process control and more.   Keep this handy guide on your bookshelf for reference throughout the year.

Request a copy today in either print or CD format.  You can also 
Download the catalog in pdf format or View the updated catalog information on this site.