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Smart Grid Projects Benefit Utilities & Consumers

Several US utilities have requested Weschler's assistance in developing Smart Grid projects for their territories.  These projects leverage Weschler products and measurement know-how to help the utilities control power generation and distribution.  The overall goal of the Smart Grid program is to increase efficiency, improve reliability and decrease environmental impact through better management of the U.S. power system.

Smart Grid Projects Given National Priority

“President Obama has made a smart electrical grid a key element of his plan to lower energy costs for consumers, achieve energy independence and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said after a White House meeting in May. Energy Secretary Steven Chu recently stated: “The Smart Grid is an urgent national priority that requires all levels of government as well as industry to cooperate...The ultimate result will be a much more efficient, flexible power grid and the opportunity to dramatically increase our use of renewable energy.”  The Energy Department is the lead federal agency responsible for Smart Grid development. In June, Dr. Chu announced a $3.9B Smart Grid initiative. 

The Weschler Transformer Advantage monitors large substation transformers, which are key links in the electrical distribution network. Here a substation awaits installation of advanced Weschler digital instrumentation.