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Digital Panel Meter Application in Green Energy

DC Watthour Meter Aids Solar Energy Research

Solar cell efficiency studies are an important part of the drive to increase green energy use. To support an educational project in solar energy, Weschler's Application Specialists configured an intelligent digital panel meter (DPM) to read the cumulative energy produced by a solar cell array. The meter was set to display DC watthours, but with a push of a button, it also showed the watts, amps and volts being produced by the solar array at that time.

solar array circuit diagram










solar array monitor

Multiple arrays were installed by the research team to test a number of variables. Each array had a dedicated meter. For easy field installation, Weschler's Meter Modification Center mounted the meters and shunts in a fiberglass enclosure. The single display panel gives a quick comparison of the various tests.

This is just one example of how a modern DPM can do much more than display one system value. Weschler's instrumentation team is ready to help you use these flexible devices in your application.