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Premo Bargraph Meter & Controller

High Resolution Meter with Enhanced Communication and Control Functions


•  6 digit, alpha-numeric LED display
•  101 segment bargraph in red, green or tricolor   
•  Rugged ANSI switchboard case
•  RS-232, RS485, Modbus & Ethernet interface options

The Weschler Premo is a deluxe bargraph indicator with enhanced control capabilities. It is flexible and highly configurable from the front panel or the digital interface.  Premo meters easily display electrical signals and process parameters with a precise digital readout and a vivid proportional bar.  Relay, analog and digital outputs are available for control, alarm and interface to a local network. 


Direct Measurement of:
  DC Current & Voltage                                  RTDs
  AC Current & Voltage                                  Thermocouples  
  Process Loops                                              Load Cells / Strain Gauges
  Frequency / Counts                                       LVDTs
  Speed Pickups / RPM                                   Pressure 
  Quadrature                                                    Resistance / Potentiometers
  Power (DC & Single Phase)                          pH / ORP

•  Single & multiple channel inputs
•  Adjustable bargraph span & zero position
•  Bar & digital display can be set to different channels
•  Datalogging and PID control functons
•  Cross channel math capability
•  Six smart setpoints with 8 selectable functions
•  Front panel setpoint status indicators
•  Up to 6 relay outputs for control and alarms
•  Single or dual analog retransmit option
•  Wide power supply range (AC & DC)
•  8 level brightness control from the front panel
•  Sensor excitation to power transmitters and transducers
•  Programmable input filtering and display resolution
•  Digital communications and PC setup software

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