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Quatro 4 Digit Edgewise Bargraphs

Quatro BarGraph Meters
 for Monitoring and Control


•  101 segment bargraph in red, green or tricolor
•  4-digit, 10000 count LED display   
•  6" edgewise & 9/64 DIN case sizes
•  Vertical or horizontal orientation

Direct Measurement of:
DC Current
AC Current 
DC Voltage
AC Voltage
Process Loops
Load Cells / Strain Gauges
Speed Pickups / RPM
Resistance / Potentiometers

A flexible and highly configurable indicator for display of electrical signals and process parameters.  Combines the precision of a digital readout with a vivid proportional display.  Ideal for new applications and replacement of existing analog gauges or digital panel meters.  Simple to install and set up. 

•  Single & dual bar configurations
•  Adjustable bargraph span - the bar can display any part of the digital display range
•  Bargraph center zero mode
•  Four programmable setpoints
•  Front panel setpoint status indicators
•  Up to 4 relay outputs for control and alarms
•  Analog retransmit option with adjustable span
•  Wide power supply range (AC & DC)
•  Sensor excitation to power 4-20mA transmitters or bridge type sensors

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