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Measurement & Control News - Sept 2018

Measurement & Control News  
In this issue:   Illuminated Meters
  Multi-Function Tester
  Temperature Controllers


Illuminated Meters

Weschler Illuminated Switchboard Meters

An updated design for illuminated dials is now available for Weschler Edgewise and Circular switchboard meters (V-252, K-241 & K-261).  Weschler's Meter Modification Center can also provide illuminated dials for other brands of analog switchboard meters.  For all models,  a translucent dial is lit from the rear by either red or white LEDs.  The long-life LEDs are powered by the user's external 6-24V AC/DC voltage source.  Additional modifications are also possible, such as the custom scale and nine discrete LED indicators shown on the MPH meter.         

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Multi-Function Tester

Megger MFT70 on weschler.com

The new Megger MFT70 Multi-Function Tester provides all tests required by NFPA70 and NEC to certify industrial, commercial and residential wiring. It will measure continuity, insulation resistance, ground resistance, and GFCI tripping. This portable unit features simple rotary controls and a large display.  Rechargeable batteries provide 4 hours of typical use.  Internal memory allows results to be stored and later transferred via a Bluetooth link.  The MFT70 has a tough IP54 case and carries a CAT IV safety rating.

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Temperature Controllers

West Temperature Calibrators on weschler.com

The West CAL Series Controllers provide essential temperature control functions including heat/cool operation and a simple ramp/dwell program. Integrated auto-tune optimizes PID settings and a unique dAC function minimizes overshoot.  Each model accepts thermocouple (9 types), Pt100 RTD and mV inputs.  Two relay outputs and Modbus communication (RS-232 or RS-485) are optional.  The 1/32 or 1/16 DIN case has an IP66 front and UL/cUL certification.       

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