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What's New
Measurement & Control News - May 2017

- Laurel Panel Meter | Sifam Tinsley Synchroscopes & Transducers

Yokogawa Power Series Plus Product Line Purchased by Weschler

- Weschler buys Yokogawa Power Series Plus line

Yokogawa Elapsed Time Meter Line Purchased by Weschler

- Weschler Purchases Yokogawa ETM Line

Measurement & Control News - Feb 2017

- Yokogawa Meters | Texmate Transducers | Fuji Controllers

Measurement & Control News - Dec 2016

- Non-Contact Power Logger | Pressure Transmitters | Serial to Analog Converter

Measurement & Control News - Oct 2016

- Graphic Panel Meters | Bargraph Application | Compact IR Testers

Measurement & Control News - Aug 2016

- New Data Loggers | UL Panel Meters | Bierer Meters

Measurement & Control News June 2016

- Process Calibrators | Energy Meters | High Voltage Transducer

Measurement & Control News Apr 2016

- Metals Instrumentation | IR Cameras | NCV Multimeters

Measurement & Control News - Feb 2016

- Marine Instrumentation | New Clamp Meters | Discontinued Yokogawa

Measurement & Control News Oct 2015

- Insulation Testers | Loop Splitters

Measurement & Control News Sept 2015

- Dual Display Meters | Locomotive Meters

Measurement & Control News June 2015

- Industrial Transformer Monitor | Current Sensing Switches

Measurement & Control News - May 2015

- Nuclear Qualified Meters | Advanced Process Meter

Measurement & Control News - Nov 2014

- Data Logging Made Easy | Graphic Panel Meters

Powergen 2014 Conference & Exhibition

- Industry Innovations Featured at Powergen 2014

Measurement & Control News - June 2014

- Control Application | USB Products | Analog Meter Video

Measurement & Control News - April 2014

- Bargraph Meters | Analog Meters | Weschler Video

Schneider Electric Power & Energy Meters

- Schneider Electric meters in stock at Weschler.

Enhanced Products Featured at IEEE T&D Conference

- Visit us at the IEEE T&D Conference in Chicago

Doble Client Conference 2014

- Weschler exhibits at Doble Client Conference

Wescher Introduction Video

- Weschler video premieres on YouTube

Circuit Breaker Test & Maintenance Conference

- Weschler to participate in Finepoint Conference

49th Annual IRIS Show & Conference

- Cleveland IRIS Show & Conference is Sept 24.

Weschler Instruments Appoints Davis Controls as Canada Distributor

- Davis Controls named Canada distributor

Lascar Meters and Data Loggers now available from Weschler

- Weschler adds Lascar Product Lines

Hydro Power Dominates Renewable Energy Supply

- Weschler equipment boosts hydro power.

2012 Conference & Trade Show Schedule

- Technical Conferences & Trade Shows

Measurement & Control News for Sept

- Measurement & Control News Sept 2011

Measurement & Control Newsletter for May

- Measurement & Control News, May 2011

Measurement & Control Newsletter for Feb

- Measurement & Control News, February 2011

Measurement & Control News for November

- Measurement & Control News, November 2010

Measurement & Control News for September

- Measurement & Control News, September 2010

Measurement & Control News for June

- Measurement & Control News, June 2010

Measurement & Control News for April

- Measurement & Control Update, April 2010

Weschler Exhibiting at Three Major T&D Conferences

- Weschler to Exibit at 3 T&D Conferences

New Weschler Catalog & Reference Guide

- 2010 Weschler Catalog & Reference Guide Just Printed

Weschler to Present Seminar at Cleveland IRIS Show

- Seminar on Power & Energy Monitoring at IRIS Show

Smart Grid Projects Benefit Utilities & Consumers

- Weschler helps utilities with Smart Grid projects

E-Mon Energy Meters

- Monitor Energy Use with E-Mon Green Meters

New Illuminated Analog Switchboard Meters

- LED Illumination Introduced for Analog Meters

Digital Panel Meter Application in Green Energy

- DC Watthour meter aids solar energy research

Weschler Offers System Integration & Assembly Services

- Meter Mod Center Adds System Integration Services

Premo Bargraph Meter & Controller

- New Bargraph Meter Offers Enhanced Communication and Control Functions

Auxiliary Inputs Added to the Transformer Advantage

- Transformer Monitor Functions as a Data Concentrator

Transformer Temperature Monitor and Cooling Control

- Three Winding Temperatures Added to the Transformer Advantage Line

Quatro 4 Digit Edgewise Bargraphs

- New Weschler Bargraph Meters include a wide selection of input modules.

Super Bright Circular Bargraph Meters

- Sunlight Readable Bargraph Introduced for Outdoor Applications

HIOKI Measuring Instrumentation

- Hioki Test Equipment now available through Weschler

Shipboard Bargraph Meters

- Enhanced Bargraph Meters Approved for Shipboard Use

Transformer Advantage II

- Weschler's third generation Transformer Temperature Monitor released.

Ashcroft Pressure and Temperature Instrumentation

- Ashcroft pressure products added to the Weschler line card.

Altek Process Calibrators

- The well known Altek line of process calibrators is now in stock at Weschler Instruments.

Weschler Expands Sensor/Transducer Lines

- Kobold, Noshok, Pyromation, Raytek, Vaisala, Madison and Alaron are now available from Weschler.

Weschler Stocks Megger & Biddle Products

- Weschler has been appointed a stocking distributor for Megger (formerly AVO) - the world leading manufacturer of test and measurement equipment for electric power, building and telecommunication industries.

Weschler Purchases Metermaster and EIL

- Hughes Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio, announced today that its Weschler Instruments division has purchased the Measurement and Control Group (MAC) from Transmation Inc., Rochester, New York.