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Transformer Advantage Products

7 Models Make It Easy to Upgrade to the Transformer Advantage

Temperature Meter - Transformer Advantage – Weschler Instruments  Advantage CT Temperature Meter – Weschler Instruments
Displays oil temperature, load current, and calculated winding temperature for one or three windings.
Advantage SC Single Channel Temperature Meter – Weschler Instruments
Single channel model directly replaces one analog oil or winding gauge.
Advantage CTX Temperature Meter – Weschler Instruments
All the features of the Advantage CT, plus an additional temperature channel for bottom oil or ambient.
Advantage DC Dual Channel Temperature Monitor – Weschler Instruments
Dual channel model replaces both oil and winding gauges.
Advantage CT & LTC Temperature Monitor – Weschler Instruments
Combines the functions of the Advantage CT and Advantage LTC in one rugged unit.

Advantage TC Three channel Temperature Meter – Weschler Instruments
Three channel model measures any combination of top oil, bottom oil, ambient and winding temperatures.

Data Sheet & Configuration Guide (pdf)


LTC Temperature Meter – Weschler Instruments
Measures LTC temperature trends to identify tap changer contact problems.