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Columbia Tong Ammeters
Columbia Tong Ammeter – Weschler Instruments Ideal for verifying current in plating tanks, coating systems, welding equipment, motors, generators and transformers.

  • Instant Readings
  • One Hand Operation
  • No transformers or Shunts Needed
  • Made in USA

The Tong Test Ammeter reads the true RMS (heating) value, regardless of wave shape. It contains no batteries, rectifiers, switches or electrical windings to overheat or burn out. Currents in lines up to 2300V can be measured if the cables are properly insulated. DC accuracy is 5% of full scale, AC accuracy (25-100Hz) is 2%, except 5% on ranges above 500A. Add 1% for 100-400Hz.

Plug-in Range modules:  0-100A, 0-150A, 0-200A, 0-300A, 0-400A, 0-500A, 0-600A, 0-800A, 0-1000A. The effective range can be lowered by winding two or more turns of the conductor around the tongs.