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Bargraph Meters, Digital Panel Meters & Electrical Measurement Equipment – Weschler Instruments

Highlighting products, applications and information of interest to instrumentation users.  

February 2019: NK Power Transducers
AEMC Scope & PQA
API Plug-in Transmitters
September 2018: Illuminated Meters
Multi-Function Tester
Temperature Controllers
April 2018: Process Calibrators
Switchboard Meters
2018 Weschler Catalog
November 2017: Crompton Panel Meters
Kobold Pressure Sensor
Extech Boroscopes
September 2017: Prime Instruments
Cable Locator
Current Transformers
July 2017: Trumeter Power Meters
API Transmitters
Yokogawa Meters
May 2017: Laurel Panel Meter
Sifam Tinsley Synchroscopes
Sifam Tinsley Transducers
April 2017: Yokogawa PSP Meters
Yokogawa ETMs
2017 Weschler Catalog
February 2017: Yokogawa Meters
Texmate Transducers
Fuji Controllers
December 2016: Non-Contact Power Logger
Pressure Transmitters
Serial to Analog Converter
October 2016: Graphic Panel Meters
Bargraph Application
Compact IR Tester
August 2016: New Data Loggers
UL Panel Meters
Bierer Meters
June 2016: Process Calibrators
Energy Meters
High Voltage Transducer
May 2016: Metals & Plating Instrumentation
Infrared Cameras
NCV Multimeters
February 2016: Marine Instrumentation
New Clamp Meters
Discontinued Yokogawa
October 2015: Insulation Testers
Loop Splitter
September 2015: Dual Display Panel Meters
Locomotive Meters
June 2015: Industrial Transformer Monitor
Current Sensing Switches
May 2015: Nuclear Qualified Meters
Advanced Process Meter
November 2014: Data Logging Made Easy
Graphic Panel Meters
June 2014: Process Control with a Bargraph Meter
USB Interface
Current Transformer Polarity Check - Video
April 2014: Use Bargrapgh Meters for indication, control & retransmit
Analog Meters - One stop for all major brands
Weschler video premieres on YouTube
September 2011: Power Meter Element
Handheld Micro-ohmmeter
Temperature Control with a Digital Panel Meter
DIN Style Analog Panel Meters
May 2011: Rugged Bargraph Meter for Outdoor Applications
Monitoring Electric Energy Use
Transformer Temperature Monitor & Control
Durable Process Indicators
February 2011: DC Transducer Monitors Solar Array
AC Voltage & Current Data Logger
Dual Display DIgital Panel Meter
Clamp-on Ground Resistance Measurements
November 2010: Ground Detection Voltmeter
Network Interface for Instrument Cluster
Wiring Inspection & Test Tool
Universal Signal Conditioner
September 2010: Nuclear Power Plant Simulator
Kilowatt Transducer Feeds Factory DCS
Low Cost Infrared Camera
AEMC Expands Data Logger Line
June 2010: Position Indicator for Load Tap Changer
Customize Readout with Non-Linear Table
Accuenergy Power Meter
Current Transformer vs. Current Transducer
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