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Custom Products

Weschler Instruments offers product customizations to meet special user requirements.  The Weschler application and design teams will work with
customers to define and deliver an optimized solution.  Changes can be as simple as a minor modification of an existing product or as complex as
a major redesign of a product platform.  Some examples of customizations for analog & digital products:

Illuminated MPH Meter with Speed Limit Indicators

This custom speedometer was requested by a metro transit system for use in their light rail cars.  A standard switchboard meter was modified to incorporate backlight circuitry, a translucent dial and nine LED indicators.  The appropriate LED is activated by an external signal.


Transformer Temperature Monitor

A major electric utility requested an upgrade of the analog temperature indicator used on oil-filled transformers since the 1940s.   Weschler modified and repackaged circuitry from its digital bargraph line to provide a unit with both analog and digital displays.  The gas bulb bourdon tube sensor was replaced with a stable platinum RTD.  The unit also included relay outputs and SCADA interface. 

Manual/Auto Station

A subcontractor providing equipment for a nuclear power plant contacted Weschler to design & manufacture the required process displays for their loop controllers. Utilizing elements of its digital bargraph technology, Weschler provided a three bar indicator with alpha-numeric readout and sealed membrane switches. In addition to the display for SV, PV & MV, the Manual/Auto Station allowed operators to input process value changes.


Weight-on-Bit Meter

An equipment supplier to oil & gas drillers required a large readout of load cell output, to use on drilling platforms.  Weschler's BG-261 8" Digital Bargraph Meter was internally modified to withstand the rig's high shock & vibration.  A special extended operating temperature range, down to -35°C, met the need for all season operation.  The spray-tight front bezel assured weather protection even with an open enclosure door.