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Products by Section
Only a few products from each manufacturer are shown on this website. Call for information on other products.

Mfg Product Model Pages
Ashcroft Digital Pressure Gauges DG25, 2074, 2174, 2274 107
Ashcroft Dial Pressure Gauges 1279, T5500E, 1009, 1083 108
Ashcroft Pressure Switches NPI, NPA 108a
Ashcroft Test Gauges 2089,2086, 2084 108a
ATC Westcon Tachometer Generators 750, 758 118
Speed Sensors IRS-W, MT-190, P5-11, ROS-W 118
Crompton (Tyco) AC Current and Voltage Transducers 253, 256 100
Crompton (Tyco) Power & Energy Transducer Systems Integra 1560 102
Crompton (Tyco) Power, DC Process & Temperature Transducers 256 101
Electromagnetic Industries Voltage Output Current Transformers CV2, CV7, CV8, CV19, CV125, CV126 94a
Empro Shunts A, B, C, E, WT 90
Instrument Transformers (GE) AC Current Transducers PCL, PCM 95
NK Technologies Ground Fault Sensor AG1, AG2, AG3 95
Instrument Transformers (GE) AC Split Core Current Transformers 600, 601, 604, 606, 608, 613 91
Kobold Differential Pressure & Thermal Flow Sensors RCD, KAL 116
Kobold Digital Temperature Sensor TDA 115
Kobold Magneto-Inductive Flowmeter MIK 115
Kobold Low Flow Sensor DPL 111a
Kobold Digital Pressure Sensor PSD 111a
Red Lion Photoelectric Sensors RRDC, PRDC, EMDC, RCDC 117
KEP Photoelectric Sensors PD Series 117
Kobold Target Type Flow Sensor DPT 117
Kobold Temperature Transmitters TST, TMA, AUF 109
NK Technologies Compact AC Current Switches AS1 104b
NK Technologies Smart AC Current Switches ASM 104b
NK Technologies AC Current Indicators ACI 104b
NK Technologies Split Core AC Current Transducers ATPR-SP, ATR-LS, AT-LS 99a
NK Technologies DC Current Transducers (3-wire) DT 99a
NK Technologies AC Current Switches AS1, AS3, ASX 104
NK Technologies AC Current Transducers AT, ATR, ATP, ATPR 99
NK Technologies Easy Setup AC Current Switches ASL, ASD 104a
NK Technologies DC Current Switches DS3 104a
NK Technologies Ground Fault Relays AGLD 103a
NK Technologies Large AC Current Sensing Switches ASXP 103a
NK Technologies Power Transducers APS, APT 101a
NK Technologies Voltage Transducers VTD, VTR, VTU 99c
Noshok Pressure Transducers &Transmitters 615, 625, 1800 105
Noshok Pressure Transducers & Transmitters 100, 200 106
Noshok Temperature Indicators & Transmitters 820, 821, 850 109a
Pyromation Thermocouples J, K, E, T, N 112
Pyromation Platinum RTDs R1T185 113
CO2 & Humidity Detectors HMT120, GMT220 113
Raytek Infrared Temperature Sensors CI, MI 110
Raytek Programmable IR Sensors CM 111
Kobold Ultrasonic Level Transmitter NEO 111
Sifam Tinsley AC Transducers Theta 20, Theta Hz, Theta 30P 98c
Sifam Tinsley Programmable Multi-Transducers Theta M, Theta 40 98d
Texmate AC Transducers TV, TA, TF 98a
Texmate Power Transducers TQ, TW, TPF, TQH, TWH, TWQ, TQQH, TWWH 98b
Veris AC Current Transducers H221, H321, H421, H721, H722, H723, H822, H921, H922, H923 99b
Veris VFD Current Transducer & Switches H720, H904, H934 99b
Veris Current Switch & Relay H735, H738, H739, H748, H749, H758, H759 103
Veris Split Core kW Transducers H8041, H8042, H8043, H8044 103
Weschler AC Current Transformers 2, 5, 7, 8, 76, 170, 180, 181, 3P3, 3P4 93~
Weschler AC Voltage Transformers 460, 467 92
Flexcore Split Core CTs FC, FCL 92
Weschler DC Ammeter Shunts HA, LAB, MLA, MLB, MLC 89
NK Technologies DC Current Transducers (4-wire) DT1, DT2, DT3, DT4 89